AE05 – Jerónimo M.M.

Tertulia con Jerónimo Muñoz

Proyección de documental sobre plantas sagradas.

20 de febrero de 2008, a las 20.30h.

OffLimits, c/ Escuadra, 11, Madrid.






Jeronimo M.M. 

A digital storyteller, researcher, and interaction designer with extensive knowledge of the world of Ayahuasca.  He has worked in the area were video meets the Internet for over a decade, as consultant on user experience, Internet video, and online communities and for clients including Canal+, Tele5, and Telefónica/EmociónTV.  He co-directed, wrote, and produced the 30 minute documentary on the Brazilian Ayahuasca Churches that was commissioned and broadcast by Spain’s largest TV network (Tele5) in 2004.  He has traveled extensively through South America, researching Ayahuasca uses, and has lectured internationally on Ayahuasca tourism and the appropriation of indigenous knowledge.  He keeps a blog, curates a page of ayahuasca related news, and is currently preparing a book about his experiences

 The Jungle Prescription

The Ayahuasca Project is a labour of love developed over the course of ten years of research, incorporating long periods of travel in the Amazon region.  We have gathered an outstanding and unique collection of footage, stories, experiences and contacts in the complex and multifaceted ayahuasca world.